Nicole Vice – high speed milking

Nicole Vice – high speed milking

Remember Nicole Vice? She had a really hard time next to her experienced friend Cindy Dollar. Nicole has very sensitive nipples. We could say she is not a suitable HuCow… OR… we could just ramp up the training a bit more to get her used to the milking machines. One of the fun things to do with the electronic breast training machine is to attach goat milker cups (so nipple training instead of udder training) and turn up the speed. We told Nicole to turn up the speed to the max, and she did! It was not easy but she made it! See? She just needs more training!

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  1. It has been eleven months since Nicole Vice’s double goat milking session with Cindy Dollar. The sucking and release action of the electronic breast training machine along with goat milker cups really made Nicole’s sensitive nipples grow. Several more training sessions like this will give Nicole the larger nipples she desires.

  2. Hot Libby

    With Nicole’s very sensitive nipples and big tits, I would put my hand up to volunteer to lick, rub and care for her swollen tits. She certainly has a great set.

  3. i am a older mail and would like to be trained as a hucow. i will give myself to you completely.

  4. TortureTits

    Those udders need some shock collars wrapped around them! They need to be shocked for our amusement!! >:3

  5. ravihorse

    Hi Folks,
    Lets have a lot more petting and stroking of the cows while they are being milked. Old farmers used
    this technique to increase milk flow :-) !!!

  6. Her moaning is sooo sexy!

  7. nicole vice is now full lactation, call her and use the portable goat milker!

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