Cindy and Nicole – double goat milker session

Cindy and Nicole – double goat milker session

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Our goat milker is a double machine, it can milk two HuCows at once, with the same pressure and speed. We love to pair up our HuCows, because they seem to find support in each other during these harsh training sessions. It’s especially useful to pair up an experienced (docile) HuCow like Cindy with a relatively new HuCow like Nicole. This way Nicole can learn that it is possible to get completely used to milking sessions, even if it still hurts her a lot at the moment. The difference is very visible when we apply the cups: Nicole’s pain face versus Cindy who does not even flinch. This is a dual machine, with the exact same vacuum power and speed. Cindy is used to getting milked while Nicole tries to deal with it. Poor Cindy can’t hug her friend until after the session, because they are both chained by the neck and handcuffed. It’s a very hard session for Nicole, her nipples are very sensitive and the machine doubles them in size! But there’s good news too: Nicole has started to lactate already!!

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  1. Fucking hot. Double the pleasure, double the fun, double the milk pro- duct- ion. Would only be better if they were twins. (another idea for you ) milking twin hucows!!!!! They look so fantastic, especially the post – milk cuddle!!!

  2. Great to see Cindy back,she is hot as fuck.

  3. transparant cups
    transparant cups
    transparant cups
    transparant cups
    transparant cups

    please !

    • Gerd, if you have a member request, please use the email [email protected] to send us the details. This is a standard goat milker with standard cups, as far as we know there are no transparent cups for this machine. If you can find any, please email us!

  4. nice

  5. Hot Libby

    The pain and the pleasure!
    Nicole’s pain and Cindy’s pleasure!

  6. Very nice, will you ever bring back Katz though?

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