Penny Pocket – milk maid

Penny Pocket – milk maid

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New arrival!! We always get excited when new HuCows come to the barn. Penny Pocket is a cute girl who is not new to getting milked (surprisingly). But she has never a session with a big machine with an actual engine. Still, she has decided to come to the barn and dedicate herself to HuCow training for the time being. She wants bigger udders and she loves being told what to do, so she is in the right place now. And isn’t her milk maid outfit the cutest?! She insisted on wearing it to make her feel more at ease in her new life, a life of continuous milking sessions and breast training. Of course it will have to come off soon, but for now we let her wear it, because it is so incredibly cute. Chained to the post, we made Penny show us how docile she is already. Even though she never experienced a powerful machine before, she obeyed every command. The red cow milker was a bit much for her though. Whimpering and drooling through her big ball gag, Penny managed to get her first session done. Welcome home, Penny!

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  1. Welcome Penny. Hope you enjoy your new life, where you have met your true destiny. Your udders will grow and be milked to your ecstasy.

  2. Hopefully penny turns out like vina and grows huge boobs

  3. milkinglover

    Well she’s adorable. But since when do cows wear clothing? Sure she’s got a cute “Dorothy Gale” thing going on…I am here hoping to see the real cows, Katie and Maggy, bent over and milked properly. But this little heifer is lovely.

  4. Very cute, see needs regular training to get her up to standard. Would like to see her milked by another heifer

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