Tiny new cow Cherry

Tiny new cow Cherry

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New HuCow Cherry is tiny! She is about 5 feet tall, but she has quite fabulous udders for her size! She was very nervous and afraid for her first session, but we discovered something interesting: after stripping her clothes off and collaring her, we found she was wearing a cute jewel buttplug! We were just thinking of introducing a colored buttplug system to mark our HuCows! Different colors can indicate various stages of training, so what do you (comment below) think the color coding system should be? Cherry was wearing a pink plug, which could be for new HuCows. She was cuffed to the milking bed, and she shuddered when the cold oil was applied to her udders. The powerful goat milker cups and hoses are quite heavy and unsupported, so her udders were stretched and milked at the same time. Cherry was whimpering softly, the power was overwhelming but there was nothing she could do to stop it. Welcome to your new world, Cherry!!

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  1. Welcome Cherry!!! You will love your new world. The milking bed is a great place to start, stretching your udders, with help from gravity.
    Love to see your udders oiled up, nipples stretched and hard, with the goat milker turned up high. You will learn to love and crave it, mooing with delight.

  2. Gotta get vina back with one of those plugs in, maybe with some extra stimulation too

  3. I would like to fuck her in pronebone!

  4. milkinglover

    Seems like the milking bed always makes the milkers twist downward, stressing the upper surface of the udders. Can the milkers be pulled upward to the stress is more evenly distributed straight down?

  5. She’s so cute! Her and Vina together would be adorable

  6. sommersonne

    Yes the Butt Plug System is a very good System.
    Please take it.

  7. Well, Cherry is lovely and much could be done with her and to her I’m sure :)
    I think in common with a lot of the vids on the site I would prefer to see ore of a story. Cherry is naked, knelt and tethered, waiting for her treatment. Then all of a sudden she’s secured to the milking bench. Why not bring her into the room clothed, strip her, tether and prepare her and prepare the room. See her put onto the bench and secured.

    Maybe in future you can make more of her treatment…..electricity perhaps…..maybe clit suction. I know the site is ‘nipple torture’ but it is torture :)

    Happy to come and help :)

  8. Cherry has delicious beautiful utter that need milking everyday. Especially milking her for her delicious warm milk that I would love to drink.

  9. What diet are you cows on? Mostly or all liquids? Can they keep the butt plugs in continuously only needing to urinate? At any rate they can be removed and inspected, and larger sizes inserted when is is proper. Color coded is a must!! An inflatable butt plug could be used while milking to provide extra stimulus and pressure.

  10. Where can one purchase a milking bed like that?

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