Vina – ass hook

Vina – ass hook

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Little Vina! Her udders have tripled in size now since her curiosity first led her to our facilities. But she will never be finished with her HuCow training. Vina needs regular sessions to keep her in top HuCow shape, as well as stimulation to get her hormone level up so we get her to a productive level. She has leaked a few drops here and there, but we think her body is almost ready for production. Her mind definitely is ready. This is all she has ever wanted. To be used as a HuCow, not having to think, the machines and the farmer doing all the work. We strap her on the milking frame, and we attach her harness gag to an ass hook so she can not even move her head. In fact, she can not move at all now! She is just an object, hooked to a goat milker. We even use a dildo stick to train her mind to associate milking with pleasure. And (as always) that has a big effect on little Vina!

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  1. Great to see more vina updates but personally I think she needs to show off her new weight by standing up

  2. i’d like to fuck her in doggiestyle, see my dick getting inside that pussy.

  3. yay vina’s back!

  4. WOW !!!! SHE HAS CERTAINLY EXPANDED!!!! in MANY ways!!!

    she is definitely taking her hucow training very seriously. I too would like to see her in an upright position.

    Her udders are fantastic, and the rest of her body is fast becoming hucow friendly.

  5. Remember vina’s succes story ?
    Why have these cups never been used again .
    They where the best ever

  6. It would be great if Vina would connect and milking alone at the milking machine

  7. I love Vina. And I think she needs to get more weight

  8. milkinglover

    She’s adorable and gaining well. That said I still look forward to more Katie and Maggy!

  9. I think she needs a nose ring like Arienh too. :D

  10. I wonder how much weight Vina has actually gained since she was first featured? She looks amazing and it would be great to put a number to her beauty

  11. Using a steady suction, you could use a 3rd cup in one of the Hucows pussy while getting milked. Then it would bring more orgasms during the session

  12. How is she progressing now?

  13. Watching the farmer push cold medal into her sweet tight asshole is absolutely incredible. Perhaps my favorite video

  14. A good one for nyssa nevers or Christina Carter.

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