Angelica – training with stimulation

Angelica – training with stimulation

All HuCows need regular exercise. It is very tempting to just chain them up in the barn and milk them every day, but that’s not very healthy. They need training and a lot of it! Being a farmer is actually a lot of work. Our German HuCow Angelica gets the most milking sessions of the entire herd, she works very hard. That’s because she is the main HuCow for our private sessions, where YOU can come to the farm and milk one of our HuCows. She is lucky, because many of you also want to massage her udders and stimulate her with vibrators and fucking machines, so she gets a lot of special attention. Today, we try a new form of training: walking on the treadmill while stimulated and pumped. Angelica needs to focus on her step, but it’s very hard with the magic wand stuck between her legs! She was exhausted after this work out!

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  1. Angelica!!! she really loves the wand, or anything between her legs for that matter, Her udders look fantastic! Work her hard then milk her hard!

  2. i really love to fuck her my dick is always ready for her!

  3. thanks!

  4. next katerina!

  5. I would love to ring Angelica’s bell all day!

  6. Angelica looks so nice with the collar and her bell. Pumping and stimulation is just what she needs and thrives on. Maximum pressure on her udders to give her maximum milk production.

  7. I think Vina needs to get on that treadmill next and get her new plump body jiggling while being vibed

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