Katie – treatment

Katie – treatment

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Our HuCows spend most of their time in the barn, but for special treatment we also have an excellent medical facility. Katie always needs more pumping, and we were wondering if tight straps around her udders would give any results. The increased pressure will definitely help, but it also makes her nipples much more sensitive. We shackled her to the hospital bed for an afternoon and it was a beautiful sight to see those huge orbs strapped tight. Even on her back, Katie is one of the best in our herd! We oiled and milked her, a perfect treatment for a perfect HuCow. We hope you enjoy the spectacular views in this update, it is rare to see a HuCow being milked in this position. Maybe we should do this more often? Which HuCows do you think would be suitable for this treatment?

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  1. OH KATIE!!!! she looks so fucking hot, this bed is just perfect for her…shackled and strapped, milking away, so helpless, which is what hucows should be. docile and helpless. Cory would be perfect for the same treatment.

  2. Maybe you should bring back Emma and milk she in this position hmm

  3. nice, bring katerina

  4. OH NO… poor Katie! This is SO hot!

  5. LatexMilkCow

    Aerial in a position like this would be even hotter

  6. and I would like to see Angelica back, I really like her and my dick is always ready for her to use!

  7. How about Roxanne?
    She only hast one appearance so far…i.e. there is a lot for her to learn

  8. oh hell yes this would be so great! would love to have it done to my tits!!

  9. One idea would be using the milking bed so a cow can be restrained and have her udders hang through, but instead of milking machines, have another pair of cows beneath, to play with and lick the restrained cow’s udders and nipples.

    Add a vibrator so the restrained cow gets more pleasure, and see how long before the cow is mooing over and over.

    • I love this idea, having a cow milk another cow “manually” with licking and sucking in general would be 100% awesome! There needs to be some more love and tenderness between cows on this site.

      • While I agree that cows should milk other cows sometimes, I feel that cows don’t need love and tenderness all that much. I’d love to see the more docile cows like Vina and Katie ‘punishing the more unruly cows during the unruly cow milking. Perhaps the docile cows (still chained of course, can’t have cows roaming free) whip or tickle the unrulys?

        • I love that idea as well! Please pair Vina & Katie together with an unruly cow!!

    • Paula Johnson

      You are my hero.
      My thoughts exactly

  10. Hello how can I become a cow I like to live the rest of the my life as a dumb milk cow

  11. Hot Libby

    Oh Katie,
    I would love to get my hands on your beautiful tits!

  12. Mark ostrander

    Should used alot more straps to hold her down
    I wish this could be done to jj plush.or goldie blair.

  13. It be good one for jj plush but with a leather hood on her

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