Dolly – locking milking bra

Dolly – locking milking bra

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Cute Dolly is back, because we think she soon might be our most productive HuCow yet! She is showing potential and she already leaked a few drops recently. But Dolly does not like getting milked and the best machine to get some results is the double breast pump. We had to find a way so our HuCows can’t take off this machine, and we did! We found a locking milking bra which will press down the cups firmly on the teats. But Dolly could still stop the machine or pull on the hoses. So we still had to cuff her to the wall. We also used a big spreader gag to start her drool reflex. After a very very exhausting time on the double breast pump, we unlocked her wrists and she wasn’t fighting anymore. She was just resting on the floor, getting pumped relentlessly by the machine. We did get the expected result, but not much! And then Dolly spilled most of it when she was finally allowed to take off the locking bra! Oh well, it’s progress!!

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  1. Hucow1881

    Finally some milk!

  2. perfect set up – hucows must be cuffed – a fail safe solution is to have someone else take off the bra. love breast pumps. Dolly looks so fucking hot as do all hucows when pumped.

  3. where is her bff Jezzy???

  4. milk at last!

    Now put her on goatmilker and let us see how much milk see can produce!

  5. It’s very creative, but I would rather see their boobs in next updates. And bring back Katie please!

  6. Julien Anthoine

    Sorry, I’m a french customer, I9 forgot my password of this website, how can I do please ?

  7. marmalademadams

    Is she still milking? Now that she’s started would be a pity not to keep milking her!

  8. Mark ostrander

    I wish you could do this to jj plush and goldie blair big boobs

  9. i want to see her milk again

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