Britney – the red cow milker

Britney – the red cow milker

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It seems you love comebacks! Well, what about our super cute but (still) very scared Britney! This tall dancer has been lured into the HuCow life by her friend Roxy. And then we had a few solo milkings with her, mainly trying to increase her small udder size. It seems to have helped a little, but we didn’t do enough sessions with her yet. Meanwhile, we noticed she had not experienced the most powerful milker yet: the red cow milker! We locked her to the frame, hands cuffed behind and started oiling her tiny udders. Britney had already spotted the red milker and she was visibly scared. It is an unmodified cow milker with two of the cups plugged (cows have 4 teats) which increases power even more. Now you might say it’s a bit harsh to use that on HuCows. We don’t agree. They need it. Britney needs it. Her training must continue, every girl in the herd must have her limits pushed. We knew it wasn’t going to be easy for her, so we gagged her. And then, when she almost couldn’t take it anymore, we increased the speed of the milker to VERY FAST. High power, high speed! Welcome back, Britney!

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  1. Perhaps a double team with Roxy will spur her on…her udders need some work with the breast trainer during the down time from the milker, …. maybe the fucking machine will help….

  2. cynthia-Ray

    looks lovely, what a wonderful idea. I can only wish.

  3. Hey, it’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez! Who would have thought a HuCow would run for Congress? :-)

  4. Jeffrey DeYoung

    I would just love to meet Britney in person. I hope she is not married because I sort of have a crush on her.

    • You’re in luck, she is coming back soon, if you want a personal video or custom video, just email me :)

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