Britney – tube training

Britney – tube training

We need to get Britney’s udders to grow, so she doesn’t feel so intimidated when she is being milked together with her best friend Roxy. We tried the traditional method: a session on the breast training machine, and we got a little result already! But she will need many breast training sessions to allow her tissue to grow. We can’t go too fast either. Today, we will try a different approach: we have some new boob tubes that will stretch her udders and suck them at the same time. Hooked up to the electronic breast training machine, we can regulate pressure and release time, and with a little massage oil her small udders will be sucked quite far into these tubes! Locked to the all-fours-frame, Britney will have to endure some strong suction power, but it is all for a good cause!

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  1. I love it uploaded video it my favor machine used on i on my favourite hucows i love it was she look into the carma she look so cross but at the end of the day it all helps her to get big udders

  2. looks like her udders could use lots of work……while in that position , might as well get her used to the fucking machine – turned on high

  3. hansibal

    Maybe the red cow milker with a little bit more power on her tits will be also helpful

  4. MilkingLover

    Another missed opportunity for a Hitachi Wand forcing a climax out of her–best training tool there is for young heifers.

  5. She should have gone straight on to the goat milker after this!

  6. How soon after being on one machine are they put on another
    Or How soon after one session are they milked again

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