Natalia – 2 ounces per session

Natalia – 2 ounces per session

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Natalia Forrest is still at home, recovering from her pregnancy. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy for her. This HuCow slave still has to do her sessions, at least twice a day, producing at least 2 ounces per session for us. She is in full production now, and we can’t allow her to dry up, she needs to be milked regularly to keep the production up. Natalia does not really like the breast pump, she thinks it hurts her nipples and it takes a long time (she thinks it gets boring really fast). But she’s part of our collared herd, so she will have to keep up.

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  1. Melker123

    When does Natalia Forrest finally enter the barn to be milked by the goat milker?

  2. hojojitsu

    Congratulations Natalie! I hope the baby is doing well.

    It’s important that the baby gets lots of milk to be healthy and it doesn’t matter if mom is naked and chained up when she produces it.

  3. use the milking machine with her!

  4. hansibal

    Please use the goat milker or cow milker at her! At this moment we wait all here.

  5. Agree with Malker123 that you need to get Natalia back into the barn asap. You should put her on the new kneeling frame being milked by the goat milker. Also you mustn’t waste her milk and have her drink it all up at the end of the session, a lovely thought!!!!

  6. Plz put her tits into red cow milker so that the total milk will be drained, waiting to see her in the red cow milker n she can even produce 30 ounces a day.

  7. I want to see her getting milked too.

  8. I know this site is about nipple torture, not actual milk – but the milk does make it fun. Keep Natalia uses the pumps! Keep those boobs big and full of milk! she has never looked better!!

  9. Sirrichard2u2

    Would love to see Natalia on the milking machine, when will that be done

    • Milkingman2117

      I agree with Sirrichard2u2. Get Natalia on another machine before she dries up her milk supply! The goat milker would be very exciting to with her milk flowing through the tubes!!!!

  10. I want some of her breast milk

  11. is Natailia still one of the cows

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