Katie – more time on the goat milker

Katie – more time on the goat milker

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Let’s try this newly constructed kneeling frame. With her arms high up behind her back and her neck chained, Katie has to lean forward, letting her massive udders swing freely. A perfect position for some time on the goat milker. We started at a slow milking pulsation rate, but soon we turned up the speed to torture Katie’s nipples a bit more. Don’t worry, Katie can handle it, she is our veteran HuCow. Katie is gorgeous when she looks into the camera with those big sad eyes. She is probably wondering when she will get less popular on this website, so she won’t get picked as often for sessions. No chance… it’s her own fault for having those perfect heavy udders, they just need to milked hard and often!

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  1. Amazing.. Katie never disappoints
    Love this site

  2. Boobguy

    I love katie, but where’s Vina? she hasn’t been on in ages

    • DarthFugue

      I AGREE!

      Where is our “Li’l Bovina”…? ?
      (If I had my OWN “Barn”, I’d keep her there!) ?

      I’m SO jealous of you, Admin! ?

  3. Awesome piece of kit.Arms out of the way,boobs hanging free.Make sure you get all the girls in this.
    Keep up the good work.

  4. MilkingLover

    And again, with a Sybian or Hitatchi to sit on, train them to love their milking sessions for the orgasms it wrings out of them, like it or not.

  5. DarthFugue

    You should attach our “Li’l Bovina” to this frame – while her UDDERS are Milked, by “Mr. Big Red”, and her “lips” quiver, from her 90th Orgasm (thanks to, “The Sybian”)!

    She’ll be “mooing”, for sure, by the end of that! ?

  6. John Hard

    Love her, Please more of her!! I cant get enough:-)

  7. I love katie huge udders and vina these 2 hucows i love to breeded

  8. Love the new kneeling frame. It looks very uncomfortable. However Katie should not be so eager to become a less popular choice on the website. As, after all, what is the fate of a hu-cow once her milking days are over? That right… She gets humanely converted into meat. Now… not that there aren’t two very appetising rump stakes there… but I’m sure Katie need not worry unduly, as I am confident her popularity with her fans will not diminish any time soon. As we are all just delighted to continue watching those two big udders of hers get milked… and milked… and milked… and milked… until finally they resemble two empty shopping bags.

  9. It’s so wonderful to se Katie again, I can’t get enough of her. Keep pumping her!

    You know, I have talked to my new girlfriend about getting her to produce milk again, and she is positive to it. With a lot of stimulation it should be possible.
    When she had her kids, especialy her first, she had so much milk she had to donate. And she kept breastfeeding until they were 2 years old, both of them.

    I have to admit, I would love to see her in the barn, letting the goat – or cowmilker work on her F-cups. Sucking her big dark nipples and let the milk flow. What a dream…

    • hansibal

      what a nice dream. I hope we can see your girlfriend as soon as possible here.

  10. HucowAbuser

    I’d love to see her put on the breast training machine just for the hell of it! Udders can never be too big. >:3

  11. Does Katie has a homekit so she kan pump herself several times a day?

    Are where any meds you kan give her so the produktion finaly can start?

  12. omg I waited for new video, this is.. awesome!!!!!!!!! really great :) Thank you so much!!

  13. Enough with Katie. The barn needs some new cows… badly.

    • Real cows? I don’t think that’s what this website is about.

  14. hansibal

    Some new hucows will be great !

  15. Diapered her please

  16. you look so sweet love you big kiss sweet hart

  17. PLEASE put Katarina on this set up! she has such perfect natural tits, she would give katie a run for her money on this scene thats for sure!

  18. She is the very first I saw on the milker.
    It will take a lot to knock her off of the top of my list of favorites.
    Got a lot of shots from under her arms to show her PERFECT tits.
    In one series I can see a little sweat running down from her underarms!!!!!
    That is my fetish.
    Watching a chick blow me while in the 69 while I can see her nipples and her underarms.

  19. Love Katie, Can’t make my mind up if i perfer her blond or this natural hair colour?
    But i would love to see her having her nipples sucked by the breast training machine follwed by milking with the goat milker!


    en ik hoopt dat het vleesmeisjeskoe katie wel zoveelheid lekkere kerngezonden vleesmeisjeskoeienmelkproduceren
    te gaan en ook een allerlei lekker produkten ervan gemaakt zouden te worden;-zoals bijvoorbeelden kazen en vla gaan maken te woeden?

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