Angelica – red cow milker again

Angelica – red cow milker again

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Our German hucow Angelica has been milked a lot lately, because she is the popular choice of farmers (fans who came to the barn) in the Want-to-be-a-Farmer program. She hates the fact that she is always chosen for these fan milking sessions when one of you comes to visit the barn. But all this milking is good for her, because it will elongate her nipples and adapt her to the hucow lifestyle. She is now used to being chained in the barn, but she still smiles a little too much. There is nothing like a good session on the powerful red cow milker to wipe that smile off her face!

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  1. milkman

    why dont you hire some lactating models to pump?

  2. Udderlover

    Do you get any milk from Natalia when she’s hooked up to the milking machines??

    • Yes but we prefer the pump because cleaning the hoses is a real pain. We are going to need a farm assistant soon!

      • Hi,

        I noticed you need a farm assistant. I pretty much worked my whole life at a barn in the south of Noord-Brabant.
        I’m looking for a new challenge and thought maby this is something.


        Mr T

  3. I can not wait for this lovely hucow to start lactating to see how much milk come from her udders

  4. MilkingLover

    Maybe a fixed hitaichi wand for the cows to back themselves up against would increase their motivation…and help them stretch their teats better?

  5. Sirrichard2u2

    I would like to see one of hucows power pumped. That is pumped for 10 minutes rest 10 minutes then pumped again

  6. Sirrichard2u2

    How many times a day as Angelica been pumped by farmers

    • There have been quite a few people already! It’s been good fun!

  7. Sirrichard2u2

    How often during the day is Angelica pumped by farmers?
    What as been the shortest length of time between pumping?

  8. Sirrichard2u2

    I am curious about the farmer and the custom videos price. I sent an email to webmaset@hucows and it came back as not a good address.

  9. You should get transparant milking cups
    Niceto see theml nips getting sucked in

  10. SuckingBoobsdry

    Did Angelica have other Aliases? or is this her first Porn

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