Amy – not a mistress anymore

Amy – not a mistress anymore

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Remember Mistress Amy? She used to be a very strict dominatrix, beating and whipping men for a living. Now she is just a simple HuCow, in a barn, completely nude and chained to the wall with a cow bell around her neck. She patiently waits for her next session and does not speak anymore. When she is given a pair of nipple clamps, Amy obediently put them on her sensitive nipples, because she knows it will help her training. She even turns on the goat milker herself! Poor Mistress Amy is not a mistress anymore. She is just Amy, the HuCow. And she will be forever.

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  1. Daddywantsmilk

    I hope you breed her with some masked stud. I’d love to see her belly and tits swell from pregnancy.

  2. masterhartmann

    very good

  3. Melker123

    Very nice idea, with the pregnancy. She was never a mistress, but she became a good dairy cow.

  4. Oh yes I well remember Mistress Amy. I used to be one of her clients… or one might better say ‘victims’. And I well recall the sadist delight she used to take in flogging me half to death. I still have the faint scars from her whip on my back and buttocks. And how she used to torment me by flaunting her perfect body, all dressed up in her sexy black PVC dominatrix outfit, reminding me again and again that I would never be allowed to even touch her… let alone fuck her. And now she’s been reduced to this. Not even allowed to speak. How delightful. What poetic justice. I’m experiencing a supreme feeling of Schadenfreude. I see she’s already developing what look like veins and stretch marks on her big floppy tits from all that constant milking. How that must hurt her vanity. I hope her nipples hurt every bit as much as mine used to. She deserves everything she gets!
    I can confidently inform Daddywantsmilk that Mistress Amy has always been revolted by the idea of becoming pregnant… as she fears it would ruin her figure. So l hope you artificially inseminate her with triplets.
    By the way, from what I’ve observed, cows don’t seem have any hair… or not such as you’d notice. So I think, for consistency sake, it would only be appropriate for you to shave all your huCows until they’re completely bald and hairless. Starting, of course, with Mistress Amy!

  5. Actually, as a previous sufferer of abuse at Mistress Amy’s hands, I happen to know that she has a very low pain threshold. Ironic considering her profession as a dominatrix, (Ex-dominatrix now .) and that her biggest secret fear is of some man doing to her what she used to do to them. So, if she gives you any trouble at all, here’s a tip… if you just give her a good hard beating with a leather paddle on her big fat buttocks you will find that she’ll calm right down again.

  6. Where is Natalia Forrest. She’s producing milk, right? So attach her udders to goat milker with strong suction. Plz drain the titties of Natalia Forrest and I want to see the container how munch Natalia is producing milk….?

  7. There’s truly something about having a locking collar, cowbell and a milking machine placed on a female.
    Hucow Amy knew she had a calling.
    She probably never thought it was becoming a hucow. But once her hucow collar and cow bell was locked on her neck and her no choice twice daily milkings began.
    The mind trigger took place. Her mind admitted that this was what she was meant to be. She is at peace now and placing the nipple clamps on her nipples is proof that she has accepted her calling and craves her milking.
    Placing her on a soylent and lactation hormone diet has induced her milk glands to produce her daily milk. The pressure in her udders between milkings is what makes her hucow mindset crave milking time.

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