Roxy brings a friend

Roxy brings a friend

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Roxy knows she needs more sessions, but it is quite uncomfortable for her as she still has one nipple pierced. Her udders are quite a good size already though. This session, she asked if she could bring a close friend for support. Of course! But the slender new girl Britney did not expect she would be milked too! Much to her surprise, the goat milker is actually a dual goat milker, so two girls can be milked at once with the same power. Britney is a nervous shy girl with very small udders. She will have to come back soon to get some treatment on the electronic breast training machine so we can increase her udder size. This is the way it works for hucows: training, training, training!!

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  1. double the pleasure , double the fun … hucow training has just begun!!! now lets double the size of the udders. Brittany appears to enjoy … let it happen girl

  2. I cant wait to see more of both of these hucows roxy is one of my favour hucows

  3. i want to see a breast full of milk pumped by those machines

  4. Yes I want to see Breast full of MILK pumping by those MACHINES

  5. masterhartmann

    you must bound the tits and when they are hard and black please pump they 24 hours a day for 365 days

    • Master Hartmann has a stunning ideá. I would suggest to do it With vina, katarina and olga as well. A few clothspins down their sides from the armpit down to the hips would also be neat. Let the obstanace girls suffer a bit for the audience!

  6. Diapered them please

  7. Do you need the second lower bar? if you raise the top one bit more, you can then lock the collar to that, so the bar is behind their neck thus leaving the frontal are free, also means the Hucows kneel some what on their knees instead of sitting on the backsides, of course their hands will have to be fasterned behind the back either with cuffs or like you did before with a chain around the waist then lock the wrist to that at the rear!

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