Katie – Lady to HuCow transformation

Katie – Lady to HuCow transformation

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The spectacular Katie is now one of our HuCows, but in the past, she was a very classy lady with a perfect dress style, makeup, and hair. Unfortunately for her, her boobs were so big she got selected for the HuCow training program. Some members have asked to see a transformation from classy lady into a HuCow. Well, there is no one better to show you this than Katie of course! Without even protesting, she strips down completely naked, oils her udders, puts on a cow mask, and handcuffs herself behind her back. Ready for massaging, playing, milking, and whatever you want to do with her. Katie has been transformed! She is a HuCow now.

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  1. “SUCKCESS!!!!!” I am so excited to see Katie complete her transformation – she has achieved the position she was born for – on all fours – docile and being endlessly milked …..

  2. MilkingLover

    Too crude; much of Katie’s appeal is her lovely face, which is also very expressive. Unfortunate to cover her most important features.

    • Actually I’d disagree with you about the mask. I think being made to wear it sort of robs Katie of her beautiful face. It’s another step to humiliate and depersonalise her. Now, when ever someone looks at her, they just see this naked, big boobed, sexy body but with this ridiculous and stupid cartoon cow’s head on top. I’d like to fantasise that it locks into place round the back so she can’t remove it without the key and that it also prevents her from being able to speak as well. And that Katie secretly gets off on knowing just how ridiculous and silly she looks like this.

  3. She should have had her cow bell on too

  4. I love Katie I am so happy to see she complete her transformation into a hucow I hope we will see a lot more of this hucows in the future

  5. Wonderful! Has she gained weight? Hope IT us ok to ask…

    • She has gained some weight for sure, looks good on her! Let’s hope and prey that she has met a nice bull and is expecting in a few months. Thar should really start her produktion.

  6. What a great film, so wonderful to see Katie again, I missed her so! I just wish she would get the milk flowing soon…

    Mabye you can give her a full body paint next time, a nice black and white. Except the udders of course, they must be naked.

    Anorher idea is to milk her on her back, and lift her heavy udders by her nipples while they are sucked, talk about nippel torture! I would love it!

  7. In my opinion she should be gagged with a mouth stuffing and wrap around tape gag under the mask. Additionally she needs her udders tied with tape. And maybe let her wear a cow style catsuit.

  8. Amazing!!! hahaha wow so funny!!! lol

    I think if she wear cowsuit that would be nice!!

    thank you so much

  9. Melker123

    The mask is great. For this I miss another bell around the neck and an anal plug with cow tail. It should also be milked for a long time, on all fours.

  10. Goatherd

    I appreciate that you treat your livestock with so much respect. White other farmers only care about getting them to the milking barn and strap the milker to the udders, you let them even undress and oil the udders themselves. This is really unprecedented treatment for the cows. I am sure this difference will be imminent in the finished dairy products. Keep up the good work.

  11. Hey … What’s this…..? I can’t understand

    I like her face. look! so beautiful isn’t it??

    don’t put damn mask on her face plz.. hah….

  12. you look good so sweet

  13. You did a fantastic job with this one – from start to finish!

  14. Wish I was her.

  15. I am absolutely NOT a fan of the cow mask! Katie is beautiful. Continue to show her lovely face. Even though she has become a docile hucow, I think it is important to maintain that appearance that she is being milked against her will. Keep her bound and gagged while being milked.

  16. I am interested in becoming a hucow and i want to be turned into a girl and be used as a girl and et pregnant and i want to be turned into hucow and please come and get me i am at Yorkville.

  17. Zelda3565

    what a lovely well looked after herd, I think the milk production will increase tenfold the herders must have a tough job keeping the herd under control but it looks like thy ae fresh and frisky


    i like this cow but iam cow too. use me please

  19. Jordan Roberson

    How can I be a hucow can someone help me to be a hucow and I would love to live as a hucow for the rest of my life if someone can help me do this please

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