Darina on the milking bed

Darina on the milking bed

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Darina is still young, but her udders are already starting to grow. Time for a session on the milking bed! Nothing better than a comfortable secure position to let your hucow’s udders hang freely. A lot of oil is applied so the goat milker can suck her nipples very far into the cups. This is a powerful machine, and Darina is very brave, but it still starts to hurt after a while. She has no choice, we have to give her a lot of sessions if she ever wants to become a good hucow! Poor Darina… at least she is in a comfortable position today.

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  1. My favorite piece on my favorite piece of equipment. I love it when those heavily oiled udders hang free, being pulled down. Nipples sucked easily and hard into the milking cups. One missing piece would be the fucking machine.

  2. Darina is my favour hucow and still needs alot of work to be done i hope to see the breast tainning machine on here next

  3. MilkingLover

    With a face-hole she could see what was happening to her–and we could see her facial expression as she serves her duty to the Dairy.

  4. MilkingLover

    Oh, also: get Katie or Maggy on the milking bed!

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