Natalia Forrest – milked all day

Natalia Forrest – milked all day

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Poor Natalia Forrest! Now she is pregnant and she has been given the task to milk herself every day, a few times a day, to get her milk flowing. Already, she is producing some amounts but she still hasn’t gone into full flow yet. She has a special milking bra and a double breast pump so she can do her daily things without holding the pumps. She tries to go about her business as usual, reading, online shopping, and watching movies, but the continuous milking is getting really uncomfortable. We can’t wait until she starts producing buckets of milk! Any moment now!

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  1. love how her udders are filling up and growing – their shape …. wow… and her nipples…succulent. there is nothing better then viewing a pregnant hucow. can’t wait for the non stop milking. perhaps playing sounds of babies crying will give her the added push to full production

  2. When she really want to see the production of her production after a lot of breast milk video

  3. Natalia When to produce? I love Natalia breast milk. Like to see her double breast pump sucking the video

  4. Love the way her udders have filled out. Need to show more of her nipples, a true delight, being stretched by the pump and hand squeezed. Can’t wait to see her in full production!!!!!!!!!!

  5. DarthFugue

    This is reminding me, of the “April, the Giraffe” videos!?

  6. Michael

    When did Natalia get knocked up? She’s hot when she’s pregnant.

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