Samantha – extreme introduction

Samantha – extreme introduction

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How fast can we get a new girl off the street, in the barn, and on the machines? It turns out we can do that pretty fast if we are lucky! New girl Samantha was lured into our waiting room, and the next thing she knew she was cuffed and collared to the milking frame in the barn. That’s a pretty fast introduction to her new life, but it got worse for her. We did not go easy on her: we used the most powerful machine (the red cow milker) at high speed! Samantha’s beautiful natural udders are perfect for milking, they are soft and supple, and her nipples are very stretchy. Poor Samantha was trembling, drooling, crying, and shivering from this extreme introduction. She will have to get used to this life now. It won’t be easy for her though, with such sensitive udders and nipples!

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  1. I cant wait to this hucow with her big udders grown and i hope she gets used to this life

  2. Put her on the milking bed! It would be awesome!

  3. Welcome Samantha, your udders and nipple are perfect for this stable of hucows. A great addition!!! Cannot wait to see you on the machines – the red cow milker, the udders oiled, hooked up to the fucking machine….mooing with contentment and delight!!!!

  4. I’m sure I’m not the only one, but I would love to see the cows being cuffed and led to their restraints and being locked into them before milking. Anticipation REALLY gets me going and build-up like that is the perfect anticipation.

  5. Yes! love this update, need to see more of her!

  6. Or I love to see a cow being milked maybe very soon it will encourage me and be a

  7. MilkingLover

    Again, I make my weekly entreaty for letting the poor cows climax. Make their milking time something they look forward to, make them eager for it. A properly positioned Hitachi wand would make for good motivation–and it could be adjusted so she could only feel it at the pleasure of the cowhand.

  8. Hucow1881

    Could we get some plus size hucows. Really tired of seeing just skinny under feed hucows.

    • DarthFugue

      He’s got some – or, at least, he did!

      (Haven’t seen them, lately, though!)

    • Vina was starting to become plus size but she hasn’t featured since february

  9. Sirrichard2u2

    When looking at the machines , I didn’t see the red cow machine.
    I notice that the over milking machine had a torture level of 6 stars what is the red machine’s torture level

  10. Ella obrart

    I really want to be a hucow and i am plus size

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