Nelly – the new milking frame

Nelly – the new milking frame

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We had a custom milking frame built just for this website! It has so many features to get our HuCows in the most perfect position for milking and they will definitely not be able to escape! The frame puts a girl on all fours, locking her wrists and ankles with cuffs. Elbows and knees can be tightly strapped too, and the belly bar ensures she will not be able to move at all! Of course there’s a collar connector too. Udders can hang freely and the HuCow can’t move an inch. The frame has wheels for moving the HuCows through our facilities. It also has a magic wand holder for extra stimulation (which we will show later).
Nelly is the first cow to go on this frame. She seems more calm now, but once she is strapped to the frame she is panicking again. Maybe it is because we are going to use the red cow milker on her for the first time. This powerful machine scares most HuCows. We had to gag Nelly to be able to work. She struggles but this frame is the best ever, there is no chance for girls to escape their milking session! The weight of the heavy red milking claw is hanging from her udders, pulling them straight down as it pulls her nipples in. Sorry Nelly, someone had to be the first!

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  1. I am so happy i like this new frame and to see nelly back on the website next i would like to see vina on this frame with the red cow milker

  2. Awesome bit of kit,love it.

  3. Stephen

    Omg ! Nelly is back, she is one or my favorite hucows !! Milk her everyday !!

  4. robaloo

    very nice – great machine – love the last pose – her udders are really taking shape – the fucking machine would be perfect to give her that added boost of production

  5. DarthFugue

    Whoa, Nelly!!!???‍♂️
    (Couldn’t resist – it was the perfect setup!)

    I AGREE, we NEED our “li’l Bovina”, on this Frame! (Then, we could say that “she’s been ‘Framed’!”)???‍♂️

    In Fact: THIS should be the “New Standard” – the “Default Setting”, as it were – to MILKING *ALL* HUCOWS!!! (“Domesticated”, and “Non-Domesticated”!)

    (Just because they’re “HuCows”, it doesn’t mean that they get to “Handle the Equipment”! What if one of your HuCows decides to “Break Your Equipment”, just so they wouldn’t GET MILKED??? It’s a scenario, that you should consider: “TIGHT Restraints, for Your HuCows… AT ALL TIMES!!!”) ?

  6. boobguy

    Would love to see Vina’s tits being sucked into that cow milker!

  7. Obligatory “We need Katie and BoVina on this frame ASAP!” comment.

  8. MilkingLover

    This (and the bed) are well suited to Katie and Maggy.

  9. MilkingLover

    Maggy and Katie should be next…and the ball-gag is LONG overdue. Thank you for your great work!

  10. I really, really, really, REALLY love seeing the girls get gagged… it just adds to the humiliation and submission of it all! Gorgeous girls, with a nice gag keeping them relatively quiet! <3

  11. Hearing and seeing the humiliation. I need to have that done to mee. I would love that done to me.l am working on me becoming a Hucow. Do let potential hucows be be worked on and videoed as be trained? Did you let you pressed hucows be hooked up to your vacomed cows be viewed by your customers.

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