From the street – Katarina

From the street – Katarina

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When we saw Katarina walking down the street, we just knew we had to have her! She has the most amazing natural udders you have ever seen! She can’t even hide them, they are so big and juicy! After getting her inside (a little abruptly perhaps), we were even more amazed! Stripped of all her clothes and collared, Katarina actually seemed to understand she was destined to live a HuCow life! It was like she had been waiting for this! Maybe her huge natural boobs made her realize she has no other purpose. If she goes outside, men keep staring at her. The weight of her udders must be a real burden for her, so milking sessions may come as a relief for her! Please welcome Katarina to our herd, she is going to stay for a long time!

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  1. robaloo

    Welcome Katarina. YOUR UDDERS ARE FANTASTIC!!!!!
    You are in for the thrill of your life and realize your life’s purpose: sharing your udders, being pumped and milked for all your worth. You will cum to enjoy and crave your milking, mooing with pleasure hooked up to the powerful red cow milker and the fucking machine at the same time. You will also love the milking bed, as your udders hang down, gravity doing its work making your udders ripe for pumping. Again, WELCOME!!!!!

    • I think the red milker would be great to break her in, I can’t wait until we see her next update

  2. Yes!! I’m always wanted her to be featured on this site, every machine right away! Haha can’t wait to see her future scenes, as long as she’s here I’m not leaving anytime soon!

  3. Sorry Katie I have a new favorite! ;)

  4. Frelarz88

    Yup this sealed the deal, now I’m joining. Best girl on the site by far, need to see more of her.

  5. Derik w

    Wow.. so surprising to see Katerina Hartlova.. I can not think of anything better… she is perfect maybe she will start to lactate again after the machines do their work .. I hope so

  6. Can’t wait to see her restrained! Perhaps we could get her and Katie together to be milked and to compare udder sizes?

  7. I want to she her hooked up to something right away! The anticipation is killing me… I agree her and Katie would be amazing together. I’m waiting for katarina… once these udders get pumped you got my subscription

  8. Katie gets some competition finally, it was getting boring!

  9. I like her i hope she will stray in the bran i would like to see her and katie on the red cow milker together next

  10. This stuff is consensual….right?

  11. Dear me have none of you heard about the recent outcries against the sexist objectification of women? Here is poor Katarina Hartlova, just going about her own business when suddenly… WHOMP! She wakes up stripped of her clothes, her freedom and her dignity. Coerced into oiling up her huge boobs just for the prurient amusement of a bunch of degenerate on-line male voyeurs. No… Actually… thinking about it… you’re right. If she’s going to go walking around town showing off her big udders like that… then she deserves everything she gets. There is some great tit massaging in this video guys.

  12. HucowFarmer31

    Katarina has nice big udders perfect for being a hucow and having them milked daily

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