Darina on the kneeling frame

Darina on the kneeling frame

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Darina is well trained now, although she sometimes still tries to break her chain leash. She seems to respond well to a harness gag, it makes her more docile. When approached, she will get on all fours and offer her udders to the farmers outstretched hand. This makes inspections easier and Darina knows her udders will be well taken care of, with enough oil and massaging to keep them suitable for milking. Today, she will go on the kneeling frame to get her session on the goat milker. It’s still painful for her, but she needs this training, and she will get stronger and better soon! Darina is still very young, so there’s plenty of time for her!

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  1. Wow, love her arms back on the kneeling frame – pushes her udders out for maximum production. Darina’s nipples are looking good!. Developing into a wonderful hucow, nice shapely udders. Looking at her hair pulled back and her harness – had a thought….Why not shave her bald? and perhaps others

    • Sorry Mr Robaloo, but I think shaving her bald would be too much of a disgrace and humiliation for Darina. Her lovely hair is one of her main assets and enhances her beauty. I bet she would be devastated with that option and could need years of therapy afterwards. But the thought is good though, her beautiful face would be enhanced and her facial expressions of disdain would be even more marked. Instead a butt-plug canĀ“t do any harm after an enema, her bowels filled with oil while she struggles with the goat-milker on the kneeling frame, her arms fixed behind her back with a monoglove could be a fitting treatment. The session should be about half an hour to get her nipples good and sore. This should be documented by a clock on the wall behind the poor girl. After the lengthy session her teats should be stretched by a set of long vacuum-cups to elongate her teats. A hucow should have long, well developed teats, so other tools would stick nicely. She could then proud display her nips when she wore T-shirts. The nips would also be more sensitive to manipulation and get her horny in an instant. Horny cows are happy cows.

  2. chuckles

    It’s always great to see updates with Darina. She is one of the hottest ladies here, and she looks particularly hot in this session as she undergoes “training” while she is naked, collared and gagged in the kneeling frame. It’s a thing of incomparable beauty.

  3. I love this set up, definitely one of my favorites! I sound like a broken record but please use this on katarina! :)

  4. This hucow is one of my favourites on this site her udders look like a grown to a nice shape and her nipples are got longer i can’t wait to see vina on this frame

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