Katarina on the milking bed

Katarina on the milking bed

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As requested, we put the wonderful HuCow Katarina on the milking bed! Her incredibly big supple natural udders hang down so beautifully through the custom made bed. We are training a young female farm hand, and she was lucky enough to oil up Katarina’s udders and put the goat milker on those perfect nipples. Of course, she was a bit too careful, but she will learn to handle udders properly soon enough. Katarina on the other hand was not too happy about all this. The goat milker was not easy for her, and the relentless suction made her nipples puffy and very sensitive. We need to give Katarina a lot more sessions! It’s a hard job but someone has to do it…

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  1. Such a beautiful bovine….her udders just made for hanging gloriously, straining through the bed….a natural…they/she is perfect. Stretch and work those udders

  2. I haven’t even downloaded it yet but I can’t wait until I do! Best update by far, can’t wait to see more of her

  3. Fantastic

  4. This is what I’ve been waiting for!!

  5. how about Katarina and katie been milked together

  6. I would like to see katie and katarina milked together on the red milker

  7. In the future you will be able to run the electronic breast training machine at the milking bed?

  8. Katie and Katarina simply MUST be milked together. We must compare their udder sizes. Personally I think Katie might be bigger but Katarina could give her a run for her money!

  9. So glad to see a hucow finally restrained to the milking bed by the ankles. This really is a must!

  10. I wonder if you could attach a fucking machine to the milking bed so the cow gets sucked and pumped at the same time? You may have to secure the waist so the cow doesn’t wiggle out of the way.

  11. This has been a fantasy of mine ever since I started fantasising, before I knew about sex, when it was just me playing with myself before I went to sleep. I need this to happen to me. I’m off to price up air fare to Skipol.

  12. You do realise that, oiling them, having them dangling down perpendicular like that, and then attaching heavy milking gear to them is causing Katarina’s boobs to S-T-R-E-T-C-H? That every time you do this to her you are ruining her figure a little bit more? That is, unless, nobody here cares if Katarina ends up with long floppy boobs dangling down around her knees.

    • No one cares, as long as there will be milk. She is a hucow now, no mercy!

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