Little Keira – new young HuCow

Little Keira – new young HuCow

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Little Keira is so cute! She has been brought to the farm to be raised as a proper HuCow, so her journey will be fantastic. Naked and chained, tiny Keira looks a bit worried about the strange bra she had to wear. This three-ring metal bra is the perfect design for young aspiring HuCows with small udders. The outer ring goes around the edge of the boob while the inner ring is perfect for pressing the breast pump cups firmly against the nipples. Keira is handcuffed behind her back and the milking starts right away, leaving this poor girl looking at her own nipples in amazement. The ever increasing power of the double breast pump hurts her a little, enlarging her nipples step by step. It is a necessary session for her development. In fact, Keira will need many sessions, but there’s still a lot of time!

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  1. Genuss55: Ich meine, eine vaginale Stimulation täte ihr beim nächsten Mal sehr gut und auch etwas Zug an ihren tollen Nippeln

  2. Is Vina coming back any time soon?

  3. Welcome Keira. It looks like she is adapting pretty well to the metal bra. Would like to check out her udders and see how much she has ahead of her. Pump away!!!!

  4. Welcome keira i like her in the metal bra i would like to see the breast tranning machine next on here. I hope vina coming back soon

    • I agree, the breast training machine would be great on her as it looks like her udders could use a bit of growth.

  5. MilkingLover

    I guess I have to say it every week: A Hitachi wand and a few controlled orgasms would train theses lovelies to practically beg for a good milking.

  6. just i idea, you could use a medela bottle with the milking machines replacing the tit suckers to pump a lactating boob, with this approach you wouldn’t need to clean the milk from the whole equipment only the bottles

  7. I am a very small C cup. I am memorized by this- please email me.

  8. She looks like she’s rather amused by what’s being done to her body, almost enjoying the feeling even. I love it. Way better than ballgags in my opinion.

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