Samantha – scared HuCow

Samantha – scared HuCow

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Barn life is not easy for Samantha. Perhaps her introduction was a little too harsh (straight from her daily life into the barn and on the red cow milker). Now she is ballgagged and on the kneeling frame… and Samantha is scared. A new machine has been wheeled in and it looks just as scary as the previous one! The goat milker has smaller nipple openings, so it pinches a lot more. But there is nothing she can do to stop it, her arms are awkwardly cuffed behind her and she is gagged. This machine hurts her poor nipples! It’s still a hard life for Samantha, but she will hopefully get used to regular milking sessions. For now, she is still in the ‘shock phase’. Just give her some time.

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  1. Samantha is so hot! Please brings her back many more times.
    Her posed on the frame is perfect. The ball gag is nice touch and her drooling makes it even better.

  2. i’d like to see more from Vina and Angelica, those are the hottest to me!

  3. I like this video i hope to see this machine used a lot i think vina katie jasmine and keria chessie kay are the hottest to me i will love to see more chessie kay milked by the red cow milker next

  4. Milkman

    Admin, could we see Samantha again please? Perhaps with the same setup with Vina; milking bed with the red milker?

  5. schön wie sie sabbert, macht sie also doch geil die Metamorphose zum Milchvieh. Sie hat hervorragende Zitzen

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