Alais returns!

Alais returns!

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Beautiful UK hucow Alais is back for more! She is a true submissive with juicy natural udders and very sensitive nipples. A milking session really gets her into subspace, it turns her on, but it also hurts her a LOT! There are so many emotions at the same time, Alais’ brain can’t really cope with all the input. Blindfolding and gagging her helps her a little, but it is still an exhausting ordeal for her to get hooked up to the machines. Drooling through her mouth spreader gag, Alais shows us she is very well trained. She puts her udders in the farmer’s hand to get inspected and massaged with oil, and she gets in and out of her cage when she’s told to. Alais moans and cries during this painful session, and when the farmer pinches her sensitive nipples afterwards, she squeals in pain. Alais is the real deal, she wants this so bad, but it hurts her a lot. It’s a mental thing for her, which means she can become a true hucow soon!

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  1. Awesome to see this young lady milked while on all fours.

  2. I love the cages. Also chained to the wall is great too. Keep these types of sessions coming.

  3. Barbiebnymph

    What a sensual arrangement.

  4. Barbiebnymph

    Sweet just wonderfully sweet.

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