Katarina – huge nipples

Katarina – huge nipples

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The second session on the goat milker came quite fast after the first one. Katarina’s nipples had not fully recovered. They were still big and sensitive. Locked in a new milking position (we never tried before), Katarina was getting restless and angry. Our new female farmhand tried to calm her down by massaging her udders, but Katarina was still afraid of what was to come. The goat milker is vicious and relentless. We left it on for quite a long time, and when we turned it off, we couldn’t get the cups off her nipples. Her nipples had swollen so much inside the cups, we had to wait for twenty minutes before we were able to remove the goat milker from her udders. Katarina’s nipples had become huge and puffy!

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  1. So nice to see Katarina again. WHAT PROGRESS SHE IS MAKING!!! Her udders…WOW!!! THEY ARE FANTASTiC!!!
    love how her nipples are each pointed outward. Truly a luscious hucow. Back to the milking bed and the fucking machine to settle her down.

  2. Maybe next I think it is time for the red cow milker for Katarina ;)

  3. Best update to date, couldn’t ask for anymore in this scene! Can’t wait to see more of her. By far my new favorite!

  4. i joint again just because her, i love her.

  5. MilkingLover

    One of the best updates ever–but again, where is the vibrator? Are cows not allowed to have climaxes? I know from my own experiences orgasms promote and increase milk production….

  6. Northfarmer

    She has the best udders for a hucow. Love to see her in my barn someday, showing off her udders.

  7. Arrange milking compitation between Katie-katarina-chessie-jasmine..

  8. She is absolutely awesome but I’d still love to see some more of vina, her udders were getting huge!

  9. Please give her the double pump next.

  10. BigAreolas

    Katarina’s teats look very sensitive …. she is a born huCow. A wonderful session.
    A question: Is there the possibility to dress the huCows in black-white spotted latex outfits or paint them in a huCow Bodypainting?

    Greetings from BigAreolas

  11. huuuge
    justice to those tits

  12. Please provide us with side-by-side closeup-pics of udders and nipples before and after the treatments, especially if things like this happened.

  13. I love her outpointed nipples a lot. This kind of adhesion is so unattractive for a woman, but so normal for a cow with udders of her size… Really love it.

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