New Hucows! Dolly and Jezzy

New Hucows! Dolly and Jezzy

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Adding new Hucows to the barn will always be a priority. Some of them email us, some we find on the street, some ask to visit the farm to have a look, but it is still hard to find good livestock. Of course, money will go a long way to convince girls to try a session, but we want to find the girls who have had this secret desire all their lives, and they are looking for a way to live the Hucow lifestyle for real! We are glad we found Dolly and Jezzy, two cute friends who are inseparable. Together they gathered the courage to come to the barn. They were very shy and scared, but full of anticipation. Their clothes removed, and chained to the wall, they were told to massage their udders with oil to prepare for things to come. Their curvy shapes are very promising! Dolly has cute udders with big nipples, and Jezzy has bigger udders with tight skin and small nipples. This video shows all of their fear, shame, and extreme curiosity. It is so nice to have fresh Hucows around!

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8 Responses

  1. Is Vina ever coming back?

  2. When Dolly and Jezzy start On The red cow milker

  3. i prefer the goat milkers, cause they are transparent and we can see girlĀ“s nipple getting bigger and darker!

  4. Hopefully one day you can manage to get Angela white on here, that’d be a fantasy come true… you were able to get katarina so I have faith! lol I’m a memeber for life

  5. I hope to see some teens with small tits on here soon i love this video i would like to see these hucows on the breast tranning machine next

  6. Could you please try to get cali logan on here shes one of the best fetish models ever

  7. Dolly with chained collar is so wholesome…
    want to suck her tits and put my dick in her mouth

  8. I want to suck her tits and put my dick in her mouth

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