Vina – udder maximizing training

Vina – udder maximizing training

Vina has grown so much as a HuCow. Even when she gets a little tired of all the milkings but she will never ever protest. She is completely docile and hasn’t spoken in a long time. Still, we love to harness gag her, as she has also been trained to wear ballgags for any length of time. It just looks so cute! Today, we continue to maximize her udder size. Remember how she started out with tiny udders? They have quadrupled in size! Still, we like to grow them a bit more, so she gets lots of sessions on the electronic breast training machine. A very strong vacuum pumps her udders further and further, stretching them to fill the training bra. At the start, her udders fill out half of the cups, but we pump them to fill out the cups to the max! As with all HuCows, one udder is always a little bigger. Vina’s right udder needs more work than her left one, but’s she will get there!
Please note: this kind of training hurts a lot because it just stretches more and more without letting any air out. Watch closely how well trained Vina is to take this kind of high power pumping!

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  1. Wonderful Vina – udder beauty. Am so impressed on her growth both as a hucow and her mammoth udders!!! Keep vacuum pumping them – she still has far to go and look forward to see her sweet milk! NO PAIN – NO UDDER GAIN!!!!!!!

  2. vina is very hot

  3. I would be happy if it was just Vina every update. Maybe she could have some cow friends with her but Vina every Saturday would make me a very happy lady :)

  4. I’d love to try this device to enlarge my udders more.

  5. Milker2018

    Hey, could you please have Vina and Katie together on the goat milker? That would be amazing to see!

    • I actually can’t believe Vina and Katie have not been featured together yet! They’re the best two cows in the herd!

  6. I’d like to see her use the double breast pump again :)

  7. wow I would love for this. I have natural 34DDDs and a huge hucow fetish but would love to be attached to a milker or pump in a bondage fashion someday!! great vids!

  8. Elle remplit bien ses coupelles à présent et semble très docile ….

  9. А какой размер твоего вымени

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