Cory is back

Cory is back

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Remember Cory? She was part of our herd in at the start of this website more than 2 years ago. A very promising HuCow with big udders, but Cory never seemed to like her sessions, even though she responded very well to her obedience training. She escaped our attention and we lost her for a long time (she even left the country!). We have now finally captured her again, and we want to try to give her a calm session on the milking bed. You see, we didn’t have the milking bed yet when Cory was around. Maybe she will like this more? We know she won’t, because she actually got her nipples pierced in the meantime to prevent any more milkings from happening to her! We don’t care, we just put her on the goat milker, even with her piercings that is no problem! Welcome back, Cory!

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  1. We can still take the milk out.. yeah…

  2. Awesome tits and love the milking bed.Can’t wait to download and give my throbbing cock a good workout.

  3. Oh my 😱 so glad to see her again!!

  4. robaloo

    So glad to see Cory back – in all her udderly beautiful glory. The milking bed is perfect for her, her udders hanging through, as nature intended, attached to the milker, stretching those nipples, drawing life sustaining fluids from her. All she needs is the fucking machine and ….maybe a gag to muffle her cries of ecstasy!
    Please don’t let her out of your sight. She can be transformed into the perfect fucking, I’m sorry, fucked hucow!

  5. Cory is back!!
    this is the best news of the year

  6. nice

  7. petrov64

    amazing, her body is alway fit and tone plus her new pieced nipples are awesome, the only turn off are the new hair cut.
    best come back of the year

  8. NICE!! Just would like to say that Cory Spice is absolutely GORGEOUS and absolutely LOVE HER PIERCED NIPPLES!!!! Fantastic!!! Love to see Cory Spice on this site and especially that tattoos and PIERCED NIPPLES!!! Love her haircut also, it really makes her look submissive and she has the most gorgeous PIERCING EYES and they complement her PERFECT PIERCED NIPPLES!!!!! Nice! Cory Spice is so fantastically cute, beautiful and sexy. Please bring her back for some more nipple enlargement therapy and strap her onto a sybian to give her some please with the suction tubes on her PERFECTLY PIERCED NIPPLES!!! Nice!!! It be WEKID!!!!!! ~S

  9. NICE! Love to see Cory Spice on this site and LOVE her PIERCED NIPPLES and her beautiful gorgeous expressive eyes. Please bring back Cory Spice for some more MILKING SESSIONS and include her sitting on top of the Sybian Love Machine to give us all some pleasure to look at as well. WEBMASTER: Please bring back Cory Spice.

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