Darina – milked on a Sybian

Darina – milked on a Sybian

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This idea might be too crazy, but what about milking a girl ON a Sybian? ‘What is a Sybian?’, you might ask… well it is the most powerful vibrator (by far) ever made. And you can sit on it. We showed it to our awesome young HuCow Darina and she was intrigued. She wanted to try it! We had to strap her down good though, this is a crazy ride! We handcuffed her and strapped her legs to prevent her from lifting her weight off the machine, and we added a harness gag to… well it just looks good on her. This is probably the most intense milking session you have ever seen! The tremendous power of the Sybian actually made the barn vibrate! We know from previous sessions that it helps our girls to associate the milking discomfort with pleasure, but this machine might be too much pleasure! Darina was totally exhausted after this session! Poor girl…
What do you think? More milking and Sybian? Or is it too much?

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  1. milking and Sybian…FANTASTIC!!!!!! – strapping and a harness is also a must!!! Darina’s udders are coming out nicely, but still needs more training to get those udders in shape.

  2. This is amazing! Definitely something I wanted to see!

  3. it’s fantastic, but another essay for the Sybian would bring more stimulation and relaxation to the Hucows

  4. more like this one i love it

  5. We NEED more sybian stuff. Would love to see Vina or Katie on one! Gagged and strictly bound of course ^^

  6. this is amazing would love to see katie on this woulf be brilliant

  7. Yes please put Katie on this! This is an amazing set up, loved this update

  8. That’s a lot of Katie on sybian requests. It seems I’ve started something :)

  9. When a little fuck for hers? It would amazing.

  10. boobguy

    gotta get new plumper vina on this, that would be amazing

  11. Amazing! Would love to see Ulysse and Katie on that contraption :)

  12. DarthFugue

    Substitute an ARM BINDER (for the HANDCUFFS), the next time you put DARINA on the SYBIAN! (Also: “Switchout” the GOAT MILKER, for the COW MILKER – one step, at a time, in the progression, before moving on, to the RED COW MILKER!)

    Other than that, DARINA looked “Amazing”!

  13. LactatatingLover

    It’s clear she doesn’t have enough back support. Her hands should either be cuffed to the top bar or in an armbinder and tethered behind her. Her little udders are so sweet, and I have to say, I can’t wait to see Maggy or Katie in this exact set up (but with more back support).

  14. That’s absolutely a winner…How about having Roxanne in such an update?
    Only one session with her is much too low. She definately needs more training.
    I really start missing her since Gina stopped updating Boundlife

  15. Darina is a really horny cow. The next time You put her on the sybian I would like if the device had 2 dildoes attached, one for her pussy and one for her rectal canal. With the red cowmilker I think she would have a great session. In front of the session it would be fun if her clit was stimulated with a good suction from the clit-cups. Then apply a rubberband on the base of her clit, to keep the lovenubbin bloodfilled and sensitive. This would get her some good orgasms, while she is treated with the strong stimulation on her cute nips.. The duration should not be ended before she is good and sweathy and close to fainting from the session!

  16. Olivia Mann

    I would love to be apart of the hucow farm

  17. I would like the beautiful, russki Darina to have a more heavy session on the Sybian. This time it should last longer and the vibrating top should be the G-egg (lilac colour). I bet it would drive her insane with vibration and give her orgasms after orgasms. Her body and forehead will be dripping in sweat and her nose-wings will expand in horniness….. Show us her dripping cunt after the insane humping session. To hydrate after the session you should give the fucking girl a huge enema and a big plug in her anus to prevent the fluid to be released. BTW: is she a squirter or does she only excrete cunt juice?

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