Nyssa Nevers – new HuCow

Nyssa Nevers – new HuCow

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We don’t like talking HuCows, but most of them speak when they have just arrived at the barn. Nyssa is particularly bratty, saying things like ‘don’t touch me!’, ‘I am not an animal!’, and ‘you are a pervert!’. She thrashes against her restraints and keeps swearing and moaning. Sigh… new HuCows can be hard to break. We start by pressing a powerful magic wand against her pussy. It will wear her out eventually. But nothing will exhaust fresh HuCow like our most powerful (and fastest) milking machine: the RED cow milker. Nyssa is in for a ride when she gets vibrated and milked at high speeds and high power! Even though it is her first time in the barn, we felt like she needed this strong session to break her a little. It will probably take quite a lot of time with this one, and many sessions, but she will be transformed… eventually.

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12 Responses

  1. nothing like a feisty hucow … at first. She will learn her place – on the milking machine turned up high, getting fucked at the same time.

  2. she is very hot!

  3. Hucow 4u

    She so lucky wish it was me

    • if you are a hot girl, go there and make a video for us! Do you have milk?

      • I’ve been fascinated by the idea being milked and eventually lactating. Would love that red Milker.

  4. Knuckles

    What happen to Dani??? I miss her boobs

  5. Knuckles

    What happen to Dani? I miss her boobs

  6. WHERE IS DANI? I miss her boobs ;-;

  7. What happpens to Dani??? I miss her boobs

  8. The wand plus the fucking machine would be really nice on this milking rig. Good distraction if one has sensitive nipples like her or olga perhaps. ;-) would love to see this.

  9. milkinglover

    I just came back to this one after a while–I mean it’s been 20 weeks, right? This may be the best work hucows.com has done yet. Have to say, it’s everything I really look for in a hucow milking nipple torture pussy-vibrating video.

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