Liz – milking orgasm overload

Liz – milking orgasm overload

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Liz is such a perfect HuCow, even though she does not want to be one. Her udders are shaped like teats with huge puffy nipples, she is perfect for milking! We are so happy with her in the barn. Liz is not happy at all, she is shaky and nervous, as she remembers her previous harsh sessions all too well. It’s time for Liz to enjoy it a little more, we figured. We need to brainwash her, using sexual stimulation, so her brain associates hard milking with sexual pleasure. What better way to do that than a fucking machine! Liz is pounded by the high speed fucking machine in an effort to make her orgasm continuously during her session on the goat milker. It worked, she came and came until she was a sobbing mess! She made so much noise we were not sure if she was crying or cumming, and we think Liz wasn’t sure either. We blew her brain with this fucking and milking overload… don’t worry, she will get used to this life!

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  1. Her teats are perfect – I think her uppers could get expanded, but……… keep the fucking machine going … a sure way to brainwash her and allow her to let go and live the complete hucow like she deserves.

  2. Congratulations for this show ! associate hard milking with sexual pleasure to other girls.

  3. Why do the cows have no tail?

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