Olga – udder enlargement training

Olga – udder enlargement training

Olga’s soft udders are not a bad size, but they need to be bigger if she wants to become a prize HuCow. The problem is, Olga is not very happy with her sessions. Her nipples and udders might just be too sensitive. The only way to solve this is to train her more often. More sessions, more milkings, and more time on the electronic breast training machine. Today, we try to fill a large size udder training bra all the way, by expanding Olga’s udder size. Can she reach double size and fill the cups? The machine is powerful, but Olga is very sensitive so it will be hard for her to double in size. Will her nipples touch the inside of the cup? It’s a fight, and Olga is fierce. We had to strap her down really good or she would have just pulled off the milking bra from her poor udders!

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  1. robaloo

    oh yes!!!!! THIS TITS ME WHERE I LIVE!!!!! my favorite piece of equipment!!!! even use something similar myself!!! love seeing udders expanded, even beyond their max!! OLGA LOOKS GO GREAT!!! her udders have expanded nicely into the cups. LOVE HER EXPRESSION IN THE LAST PIC!!!

  2. milkman

    I love Olga, very hot russian girl. My dick is always hard for her!

  3. When she learns to behave, put a magic wand in the seat so she can enjoy it

  4. I’m discovering your site, and I love it !
    I have hucow fantasies since a few months now. At least lactating. But I’ve never been bred, I have no child, so I would like to know if it is possible to produce milk without having been pregnant ? I massage, stimulate everyday, but I would like to know if there’s a training to become a hucow ?
    Thanks for the answer!

  5. Stephanie

    have you guys tried any estim for stimulation with this type of equipment

  6. Mark ostrander

    Please one day do this to jj plush or goldie blair

  7. She needs a locking buttplug so the petals dig at the inside of her ass, that will cure the attitude

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