Alais – gagged on the milking bed

Alais – gagged on the milking bed

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Alais is a special HuCow. She gets really turned on by milking sessions, and even by simple bondage. But she is also very sensitive. Her large natural udders can’t take much, and her nipples get sore from all the machines we have been using on her. Still, we need to continue her sessions to make her into a perfect HuCow. To stop her protests and whining, we tightly ballgagged her this time. This will hopefully tell her brain that speaking is not a HuCow thing, especially during milking. In time, we can probably remove the gag, but for now it is a good tool to assiociate milking with ‘no protesting’. Of course, Alais still moans a lot when we use the goat milker on her. It is just making her nipples so sensitive she can’t keep quiet. That’s ok, we will just have to give her more sessions to get her completely docile.

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  1. robaloo

    my favorite apparatus – love to see udders hanging as nature intended

  2. milkman

    very hot girl, i’d fuck her a lot!

  3. Alais is a fantastic model with real tits and natural look – no tattoos, piercings or boxing-gloves-lips , but the oil is unattractive.

    • We need oil to use the machines. It prevents skin damage (from drying out) and it sucks the nipples in a lot further.

      • robaloo

        oil also enhances the hucow’s udders (and more) with a nice glow – suck those nips in as much as they can go!!!!!

      • So you need it on the nipple and the area around it that is sucked in, but other then that, it can be a bit much at times is all.

        • I don’t agree. One privilege of being a farmer is massaging the udders :) Come and be a farmer to experience nice and soft oiled udders!

  4. Is it possible for girl to use fucking machine while in this position ?

  5. LactatatingLover

    Oil is needed to provide a good seal for the suction–it’s an important part of the process.

  6. you need to capture Brooke Wylde

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