Jezzy – standing frame

Jezzy – standing frame

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We have created a new standing frame for the cows to be locked to. It’s not an easy position because they have to bend over very far and their necks are locked to the end of the frame. Jezzy was locked to this frame today and she had to stand on her toes the entire time. Her huge boobs dangle at both sides of the support bar (padded for comfort). In this strained position, it is very easy to milk any HuCow! Their udders are freely accessible for the goat milker and cow milker or any other machine that we want to use. Their hands can be safely cuffed behind their back. Jezzy is bitgagged too, because she is a little wild still. It’s her first milking with her close friend Dolly, who has always supported her. Now she is alone on this new frame, ready to get milked by the red cow milker at full power. How will she cope? Watch and find out!

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  1. LactatatingLover

    OMG yes. Now just add the hitachi (or whatever) wand, to get this sweet little cow mooing with pleasure.

  2. milkman

    she needs much more pumping to make those nipples bigger!

  3. ok how do I find someone to milk my

  4. chrisman

    I loved her look, her beautiful udders, small nipples which need to be streached and her awsome hair…one of my favorites

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