Vina – back in the barn!

Vina – back in the barn!

We borrowed Vina to another farmer for a while and he took good care of her. But we wanted her back in our barn, as she is one of favorites. Vina has shown a lot of progress from the first time she was here. Now she is back, more plump, different hair color, and bigger udders than ever! Her stay elsewhere has left her very sensitive, because she got milked on a regular basis, but her nipples haven’t really grown. So it’s time to get her used to living in the barn again. Vina is still very well trained. She does not speak and she can happily spend hours chained to the wall by her collar. She is friendly and offers her udders for inspection when the farmer approaches. Today she will get a very hard nipple training. Don’t worry, Vina can handle anything!

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  1. robaloo

    looks like hucow life is agreeing with her….what a change… her udders

  2. Boobguy

    Woooo Vina’s back! She looks amazing with the extra weight

  3. milkman

    Vina is very hot, I would fuck her every day!

  4. milkman

    VIna is very hot, I would fuck her every day! That machine could be used in a full lactating girl!

  5. YES! THANK YOU FOR BRINGING BO-VINA BACK! :D Can’t wait to see her fucked and milked again

  6. I love vina with the extra weight and her udders are so big now I would love to fuck her all day long

  7. I love Vina so is a hucow now with extra weight and her udders are so big now just need to work on her teats a bit more. I will fuck her all day long and every day after that. I would like to see her on the red cow milker next with a other hucow

  8. Nice session! I would like to see her milked with the fucking machine pounding her from behind

  9. I would like to see one of the herd wearing the harness gag Ariel Anderson wore

  10. wow her breasts look really grown up alot whats her new bra size

  11. boobguy

    It would be great to have a scene similar to ‘vina – pumped’ where she’s standing up and vibed, just to see the comparison as to how big she’s gotten

  12. Sirvic555

    Care to share her now

  13. its crazy how she ist transformed
    And her boobs are so wonderful
    She and Katie are realy the best cows in your barn
    But why doesn´t you grow their lactating more?

  14. can we try vina on the milking bed

  15. Wow!! Actually love her and her transformation. Damn what a hot cow. Some serious competition for the others

  16. Vina would look Nice on the exercise-machine, With the cow-milker and some E-stimpads on her butt to “motivate” her exercise.

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