Penny Lee – treadmill

Penny Lee – treadmill

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One of our most requested HuCows is back: Penny Lee! After her previous sessions, Penny has become a little more used to her training. She patiently waits by the treadmill to see what will be happening to her today. She still shakes her head a little, as if she wants to say ‘please no’, but the farmer is strict: Penny will have to get some exercise today! It’s the treadmill and goat milker for Penny and there is no stopping this training! She is cuffed to the treadmill, so she can’t reach the controls, and the goat milker will relentlessly milk her udders during her workout. This helps to take her mind off the milking pain and it will keep her in top shape as well. The goat milker is so powerful she can’t shake it off even if she was running full speed. Penny will have to jog along, getting milked at the same time! Fun to watch, not so much fun for her!

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  1. Nice video, love it when you put them on the treadmill, they need to burn off the fat! and one day we will see one at running pace thoughtout, but then that me just being cruel,
    Just thinking what Katie or Katarina would look like on this, cold shower need cold shower!

    • Katarina was already on the treadmill, check the update, it’s great!

  2. Absolutely awesome,love watching the girls on the treadmill……Katie next please.

  3. robaloo

    nice – the milker should be set up to correspond to the speed of the treadmill, the higher the speed of the treadmill, the more powerful the suction….milk those udders!!!!!!!

  4. milkman

    wonderful breasts, I’d like to fuck her! Very hot girl!

    I still waiting for a lactation pumping video with goat milker!

  5. LactatatingLover

    Katie or Maggy…especially Maggy…would be good on this. But who wants a cow to run off fat? Cows should be plump and curvy.

  6. LactatatingLover

    Penny really is lovely–and remarkably good udders. I love the end where she’s leaking serum from her teats, that’s wonderful.

    I am curious why so many cows are ungagged–and there’s a lot of room for creativity here: bar gags, bit-gags, ball gags (of course), but also tube and ring gags. Why are so many cows allowed to have their mouths available for noise-making?

  7. Hot Libby

    At the end of the session, I would love to volunteer to lick and rub Penny Lee’s beautiful tits

  8. Biggus Dickus

    I’d give her gallons of my cream

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