Katie – bigger nipples

Katie – bigger nipples

Well, our prize HuCow Katie has big udders, that’s for sure! But her teats are not that big. So we need to work on increasing their size to make them more sensitive, longer and bigger nipples will be much more efficiently milked by machines like the red cow milker. We made new transparent nipple training cups especially for Katie, and hooked them to the very powerful electronic breast training machine. This machine is designed to enlarge the entire breast with big cups, so using a smaller cup will make it even more powerful.
Katie’s nipples were immediately enlarged by 4 or 5 times! It’s a rather uncomfortable process of course, but Katie is getting used to the barn life, and she hasn’t protested against any treatment for a long time now. She is completely used to being touched, massaged, and oiled. And most machines do not really have a time limit for her anymore. For example, she could be on the goat milker forever!
We are curious to see if our treatment will have any effects in the long run. We would love to build some bigger and longer nipples on top of Katie’s huge udders. That will really transform her into a perfect HuCow. But then again, Katie already is our perfect HuCow, docile and easy to handle, and completely used to her new life. Don’t worry, you will see much more Katie at HuCows.com! We know you love her too!

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  1. Wow I love this!

  2. robaloo

    the perfect hucow on the perfect piece of equipment…. love to see her and any hucow with huge udders on that bed….turn it on high and grow those nips…

  3. I only come here for videos of Katie and Katarina. You don’t really bring many busty girls although recent updates have gotten better having both Katie and Katarina and Samantha Jade

  4. Katie’s tits are fucking awesome

  5. Mister Milk

    Wow, this is just amazing! Getting Katie huge nipples would be a dream coming true!

    I love the fact thar she can take long sessions, how many hours could she take on the goat milker at one session? I would live to se a Katie marathon on goat or red cow milker. Go Katie!

  6. Hope you also made her have a good time with the personal massager afterward, reminding her that she is a good cow, as the massager makes her very happy. No need to set her loose, just put the massager in place after taking the cups off, and while rubbing her udders turn the massager on, so she associates the breast rubbing with pleasure

  7. I know that the main theme of this website does not include real sex between men and women, and it’s only about seeing the girls being milked which is very exciting, but I think it would be very interesting to be able to add real sex while the girls are being milked.

    You have a good website.


    • I like this idea… Bring some bulls in to creampie the cows and knock them up!

  8. I love you all

  9. Itd be awesome to be on a machine but doubt ill be docile just not in my nature lol

  10. Is possible to have girl fucked by machine while in this position? Katie and Katarina especially :)

    • I think so but the fucking machine’s rod needs to be extended a lot. Let me think about it.

  11. Sirvic555

    Share more of her skills

  12. Microfoammad

    New poster to board and member. Great to see Katie on the site. She’s one of the best UK models. Maybe we could see Katie tested again and have her in a stringent hogtie whilst milked. She appears to have been trained well but too make sure she doesn’t become too complacent, take her back to basics? Using the table and milking equipment above


    Arms and elbows pinned back and cuffed using the police style cuffs (see daisy and Emma scene), head harness ballgagged linked to her ankles – whilst still wearing high heels

  13. I love those tits … how can i have tits like that???

  14. Katie’s udders are so beautiful and big! Love to see them hanging down and sucking through the transparent suction cups of the breast training machine. Lovely beautiful nipples as well. Hanging well! But in all honesty, I think her tits and nipples are so perfect, I would definitely love to have them.


    Un toro para Katie

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