Vina – amazing result

Vina – amazing result

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Vina, our young resident HuCow, has shown some tremendous development because of her regular milking sessions. Her boobs have grown considerably. Maybe some sexual stimulation will help to release the right kind of hormones that will make her start to produce milk? We hooked her up to the powerful red cow milker again, but this time she was fucked from behind by a fucking machine during the entire session. Very deep and quite fast. The result was amazing: she couldn’t hide her arousal as her skin started to flush from the fucking machine, and this flushing left COWlike patterns! Is young Vina really turning into a HuCow? This is incredible, you will have to watch the video to see this for yourself!

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  1. Vina is my favourite. It’s been so much fun to watch her transform from a shy-but-curious teenage girl to a resident hucow. Her boobs have grown considerably from that flat chest that she had when we first met her, and she’s now growing cow-like patterns when she’s aroused. I think it might be time for her to be impregnated. After she gives birth, she can start producing breast milk for real!

  2. DarthFugue

    What’s with her stomach bulging?

    • Her stomach isn’t bulging, did you watch the video?

      • DarthFugue

        I cannot!

        My iPhone won’t accept your videos – and, I have no working PC!

        So, what’s going on, in the video?

  3. Try anal stimulation for more milk! Ty.

  4. My favorite girl. Love her. Hope she’s going to lactate some day. And her skin turning red, really turns me on. Love you Vina!

  5. Love the double “whammy” – her udders milked AND the fucking machine!!!

  6. Princess

    Do you mind if I ask what those red marks on her side are?
    Either way it’s a great video I especially like seeing what looks like calloused skin on her feet, I’m guessing she’s barefoot all the time.

    • When Vina orgasms, the skin on her entire body shows red flushes. It is really rare, she is like a chameleon.

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