Darina – very strange casting

Darina – very strange casting

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Young Darina was lured in for a casting shoot, but when she finally got in front of the camera, she had been locked in metal stocks and her bra had been pulled down to reveal her natural soft udders. This was some strange casting!! A few moments later, a guy dressed like a farmer attached a strange device to her waist and nipples. It was a breast pump! Darina did not understand. She wasn’t lactating, she did not even have kids! The machine was turned up gradually, higher and higher, until her nipples were sucked into the cups very far. It just kept pumping and pumping, it hurt a little. They had said the casting would be for several scenes on multiple days… Darina was afraid what was in store for her next… could it get worse?

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  1. teenbreastpumping

    Very nice teen with beautyfull young natural udders !! Continue like this !!

  2. Great position – stocks keep the arms away from the udders allowing them to hang free for the breast pump. Suck those nipples in as far as they can go. love it. Please show more breast pumping scenes

  3. DarthFugue

    Definitely a “HuCow, in the Making”, here!

    Need to progress along, gradually…

    Next, should be the BREAST TRAINING DEVICE… followed by (in this order)…



    And, finally…

    The RED COWMILKER (on it’s MAXIMUM Settings)!

    Hopefully, by then, she’ll be wanting “MOO-O-O-ORE”!!! ? ?

    • I am anxiously waiting to see if they bring Darina and Vina back together for a red cow milker duel.

  4. Why not get a real nursing women and get maximum milk.

    • They did, Natalia produced a nice quantity just not using either the goat or cow milker, which is a bit of a shame.

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