Maggy earned her bell

Maggy earned her bell

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Maggy is our most promising HuCow. Her udders are the largest of our herd, and by far the heaviest. They have very good veins and they are always full. We just need to get her flow going! Let’s try the goat milker this time. It’s a bit vicious, because the see through cups can have a bit of a sting, but Maggy is getting used to being milked. She still moans a lot, but little smiles are starting to break through, as if she is thankful someone finally is milking her to relieve the pressure in her gigantic udders. Let’s keep milking her every day and hope for the best!

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  1. Guys i love your video, but please add some cows outfit and mooing <3

  2. after seeing this it makes me wish i was born a female

  3. Maggy looks great bent forward with her huge udders hanging down like that. Would love to see her positioned on a platform or table and milked with her huge tits hanging over the edge. Her cow bell is nice and I want to see her with a ball-gag, too.

  4. Ma siete italiani?

  5. Uddermaster1963

    I would put Maggy the HuCow on my specially designed milking table similar to a massage table that i have that has 2 large cut out openings by which laying face down the HuCows Udders are inserted thru the openings should be wide enough to accommodate a HH CUP which is the largest Udders i have had the pleasure to milk and suckle. The HuCows UDDERS are free to dangle and swing freely underneath the table. Then I grope and massage the HuCows Udders and stretched them to their maximum length and slapped & finally orally suckled extensively by me until the HuCow sweet milks start to come in before hooking them up to the Cow milker.

  6. Damian fox

    Does anyone know her full name

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