Ting and WeiWei – Chinese HuCows

Ting and WeiWei – Chinese HuCows

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Look at these two tiny Chinese additions to the herd! Ting and WeiWei are so young and cute! It is time to begin their training, a long journey ahead of them, to get fully trained as HuCows and get used to regular milking sessions. They are very shy and afraid, so I decided to let them milk each other (instead of both at the same time), this way they can offer comfort and support during the harsh milking sessions. Ting knows it is her turn today. But WeiWei isn’t happy about this either. She loves her friend so much, it really hurts her to have to put the vicious goat milker on Ting’s nipples. The machine is set to high power, so it is a painful first experience. Ting’s nipples are huge at the end of this session! WeiWei is doing her very best to offer her support, but both girls are terrified of their future life. Will they learn to handle a HuCow life?

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  1. Only Time Will Tell!

  2. So…

    When does the other girl get a “turn”?

    • Hopefully next week, but will WeiWei be so obliging having witnessed how painful it was for Ting, and will Ting be so gentle given that even with all the consoling inflicted this upon her.

    • I agree greatly. all this time?

  3. Both girls will love this in the end. Cant wait to see Wei on the milking machine. They both look like they enjoy being collared & locked into place. Great stuff.

  4. Does a girl being milked always have to be cuffed, even when she is cooperating?

    • Preferably yes, the milking hurts a lot after a while and it is very exhausting, so she might pull the cups off her nipples if she is not restrained.

  5. The only thing I miss is the undressing. I would like to see them in their normal clothes, undressing and after that the current videocontent. I.e. the whole proces.

  6. I think I am the only member who can understand Chinese.
    Weiwei: Be strong! Be strong! For our milk!
    Weiwei: Please! Be strong!
    Ting: So painful…
    Weiwei: Be strong! For our farm, you must hold on!
    Ting: It hurts…
    Weiwei: Only another liter to go!
    Weiwei: Only one liter before our milk in supermarket. Our farm is all on you. \
    Weiwei: It ends, thank you, thank you.
    Weiwei: Are you still OK? Oh sorry! Already 50 liters, so we can leave. Take a rest. We can get out of here!
    Weiwei: Damn it can’t open,
    Weiwei: We are sisters.

  7. Really fun dialog.

  8. Webmaster, can you tell both girls that I like them very much, they did a nice job!

  9. There’s only one video? From the picture, the other girl looks cuter. Who are these girls?

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