Ariel Anderssen – harsh training

Ariel Anderssen – harsh training

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She is back! The famous British tall diva doesn’t look so posh anymore, on her knees, handcuffed to a waist chain, and her collar locked to the milking frame. Her nipples have been sucked into special nipple suckers that elongate and stretch to prepare her for the cow milker. A brand new development in HuCow keeping is the special harness gag we are introducing today: it has a feeding funnel and a sink plug for in between feedings. Ariel can only make muffled sounds when the sink plug is blocking her breathing tube. She wants to protest because her nipples are hurting and going straight from the nipple suckers to the cow milker without any breaks is very harsh. It hurts her a lot. But training must continue.

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  1. This is very good! I noticed that the girl is skinny though and her bust need to expand. What now should be done is extensive feedings through the Funnel with melted icecream, chocklate sauce and soda to make her gain weight and get large heavy udders – then she Will be Your top-cow!

    • You are so right RealJohn. At the moment Ariel is tall and willowy, rather than voluptuous and big tittied. (Probably diets and exercises a lot to keep herself so trim.) But that can all change. Immobilised like this she can be made to eat huge quantities of high calorie, high fat gunk until she balloons up into a new plump giant breasted hu-cow, just bursting to be milked. Probably means those long legs will end up covered in cellulite though… but you can’t have everything.

  2. I’m “surprised” that no one has posted ANY comments, on this Update!

    What’s going on, here?

    Are people “losing interest”, in this website? ?

    I mean, you’ve got a REAL HOTTIE – BOUND & GAGGED – getting her “udders” SUCKED… BEYOND BELIEF, here… and, no one’s Posting ANY Comments???

    Something “feels wrong”, here! ?

  3. Great update, she has perfect tits

  4. Fantastic update

  5. I am starting a herd of lesbian hercows. I cant wait to start sucking all that milk.
    – Lisa

  6. You really must feed her something. Oatmeal (gruel) anything thick that goes down the tube slowly. I mean why have an empty feeding tube?

  7. ATexasBell

    Wow she really makes me want to be a hucow also. I love how difficult she can be. I’ve always had an interest but I’ve found myself wanting to be in an actual barn, nude, being lead around on all fours, gagged, and pumped. I have the udders for it and everything.

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