Lizanne – rough initiation

Lizanne – rough initiation

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Local farm girl Lizanne lives very close to our farm. She is young and curious, and she wandered into our barn this week. She knows what a goat milker is, maybe she fantasized about it, but she did not expect one of our farmers to find her and give her the first milking session of her young life! Waking up, locked to the milking frame was a shock for poor Lizanne. She was nude and handcuffed. The farmer was incredibly rough on her boobs, trying to get milk out of them in this first session already. He used the goat milker at a high setting and squeezed and milked her perfect young udders very hard. Lizanne couldn’t even speak, she was so terrified! Would she be released after this ordeal? Or will she be kept as a HuCow for the rest of her life?!

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  1. I hope that she stays!

    Not only would she make a GREAT HuCow, but she would, also, be something that’s been “missing”, here, lately – a NEW “Resource” (she COULD give the other HuCows a “Run-for-their-MOO-LAH!”)

    You never know, with the “curious ones”, though – for all that we know, she might BEG to stay, and VOLUNTEER to become a HuCow!

    If she “decides” to STAY, the next machine, for her, should be the BREAST TRAINING DEVICE!

    (I have a feeling, that the NEW GIRL can learn a lot, from “Little ‘Bovina’!”) ?

    ?? ? ??

  2. I would like too

  3. I agree with DarthFugue. The next machine for her should be the Electronic Breast Training Machine.

    Overall, Lizanne has made an excellent debut. She has a lot of potential, and she might even overtake (Bo)Vina as my favourite HuCow.

  4. Please bring cory back! She is my favorite

  5. Moo Factory

    Lizanne is amazing!

    I knew once I saw those big, doe eyes and that tight little body that I had to see this video. She is so expressive, and something in that look seems to say “I could learn to like this” even when she is obviously so embarassed about what’s being done to her perky, lovely teats.

    I really hope that she will become a regular!

  6. next time (and thats verry soon) she should be gagged and red-cowmilker with full Speed as Long as possible

  7. Very good, treat her hard!

  8. Lizanne ist super. Dazu kommt die perfekte Handarbeit des Melkers! Mehr davon.
    Die Jungkühe müssen auch handgemolken werden

  9. more Lizanne please very like girl

  10. I’d rather see her chained up while dressed & only then unzipped for access.

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