Katie lost count

Katie lost count

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Poor Katie, she is been milked so many times she lost count of her sessions. Her mind is starting to go along with her willpower. She is just a docile HuCow, ready for milking every day. She seems to be accepting her only purpose is to get milked on a regular basis. Even though the powerful red cow milker still hurts her a little, she has not made any human sounds (or complaints) for weeks now. Katie has settled in the barn and she seems to be perfectly happy with her HuCow life. Who cares how many times she has been milked? It needs to be done, there’s no point in counting the sessions!

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  1. Katie is your best and hottest hucow.
    Love to see her being milked and taken by a fucking machine from behind.


  2. DarthFugue

    Can you believe that it is, already, been OVER 2 YEARS, since you “Announced the DEBUT”, of this site???

    And, come January, it’ll be 2 YEARS, since this Site’s 1st HuCow, SARAH JAIN, was MILKED!!!

    You should “Mark the Occasion”, by doing a SPECIAL UPDATE – Featuring: SARAH JAIN, KATIE, “Li’l Bovina”, and anyone else who’ll “Participate”…? (Like they would, even, have a “Choice”!) ?

    ?? ? ??
    ?? ? ??
    ?? ? ??
    ?? ? ??

  3. Great that Katie has accepted her life. If only others would accept their HuCow position so willingly (or not so willingly). The stables must be increased. Would even like to see some slender hucows and before and after milking to see how large their udders have grown.

  4. well regardless of how many times, if she is not producing the only answer is MORE!!! need to increase the frequency the duration and the intensity to get her to produce

  5. yes ! more Katie !!

  6. I agree with Gus. She is a best hucow♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ I can’t wait new videos!!

    anyway I really appreciated that. Thanks for making good videos. keep up the good work.

    I love you Katie~ Take good care of yourself~~!

  7. Hucow Lover

    Katie is the best hucow ever! Still need more videos of her though; maybe with her on her hands and knees in the barn with her udders hanging down beneath her and using the cow milker, but with no frame around her or ball gag. Then she’s really looking like a proper hucow!

  8. MilkingLover

    Will someone let me know just what the point of leg chains is, if she can bring her legs together? That’d be great. Also, I’m still advocating for the hitachi wand to coax a few orgasms out of these helpless heifers.


    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!! She become great hucow :) Cheer up bae

  10. Sadhu Baba

    This is amazing, what a lovely cow Katie is.
    I do strongly believe that the milkproduction could be increased by 500% just by stimulating her vagina and clitoris.
    When Katie is aroused , she should be able to produce more milk. I suggest stimulating her all day with vibrators or mechanical aids. Keeping her in a constant state of arousing wil keep her happy to produce a lot more milk. Oiling her up first wil keep her skin supple and shiny.
    So hey!… why not give it a try?

    Sadhu Baba

  11. You sure have some beautiful cows! I would love to spend the day looking over your operation? Maybe you could charge a fee for fresh cup of milk from the cow of one’s choice! How lovely it would be if your customers could come through the barn, open up, their pants, and plow one of your sweet assed cows like a mechanical arm, for 10 minutes while she is making his milk? You could make so much moo-la just letting your customers watch their fresh milk being squirted right then and there! I bet you could even get a lot of moo-la for one of your old heifers? I know I can’t stop thinking about having a few cows at home

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