Maggy – treadmill

Maggy – treadmill

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Maggy surely has the largest udders of all hucows in our stables. In fact, they may even be too large. She needs to lose some weight so her nipples will be a bit more accessible for milking. All hucows need exercise, so Maggy is cuffed to the treadmill for a workout. Of course, she will get milked at the same time. Why lose precious time? The problem is: getting milking is a very exhausting process, and so is walking on a treadmill (for Maggy). So we are really making her sweat today. She does not seem to mind at first, she even asked for more speed (on the treadmill, not the goat milker)! Go Maggy!!

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  1. MilkingLover

    No sound?

    • My apologies, sound issue will be fixed in 10 minutes, please download again.

  2. MilkingLover

    And no. They are not too large, in fact they could use a bit of swelling. Proper cows have proper udders.

  3. Uddermaster1963

    MAGGIE’S COW UDDERS ARE MAGNIFICENT! Her soft curves are what drives REAL HuCow Farmers like I, MAD WITH LUST! She cannot lose not one lbs! I think that your complaint about you not being able to properly milk her COW UDDERS is not her fault! She has what i call downward pointing Cow TEATS she is the ONLY REAL HuCow in your herd that has the very same UDDER and TEAT STRUCTURE that you would find in a REAL DAIRY COW. To your opinion that since her COW TEATS point down is a detriment, It’s ALL the opposite my good man! Her DOWNWARD POINTING TEATS can only guarantee that her UDDERS will be FULLY drained to the LAST SWEET DROP of milk! each and every-time that you fully milk her! She just needs a little more TLC then your other HuCows. First of all from now until she produces her first milks she will need to be placed face down on your milking table and her UDDERS allowed to dangle freely underneath. Next you will need to massage and knead her Udders and with your fingers stimulate her Cow TEATS. Once completed you will need to buy some sheep TALLOW to apply and spread on each of her TEATS in order to avoid TEAT splinting or rupturing which is very painful and unnecessary to the HuCow and could result in not being able for milking your HuCow for several weeks and possible MASTITIS! She also deserves after being machine milked a few minutes of oral suckling from her Farmer that she will greatly enjoy. I would volunteer if you cannot perform. If you follow my advise i can guarantee that you will have a very content and productive HuCow for many years to come. Good Luck!

    • I think it is sexy to see her on a treadmill as she is getting milked…maybe it’s to show extra udder movement? Regardless a true breast man/woman (I am a woman) LOVE HER NATURAL COW UDDERS. I know I do.

  4. Obviously admin has no idea what’s he’s talking about! Last two comments are correct and the Uddermaster schooled you quite well I’d say. Hope you learned something!

  5. She was born to be a Hucow and Milked.

  6. Maggie has a lovely set of udders, perfect for milking. But she is a bit on the porky side on the rest of her body. She should perhaps have MORE exercise on both the mill and the trainingbike. I would like her to have longer sessions with more perspiration than this. Pearls of sweat should form on her forehead and if she has her dress on, it should be drenched and wet. A buttplug in her anus would also give her more strain, and the sessions should be longer and longer as she gets more and more fit from the sessions. It would benefit her health and make her a bit less chubby. I hope the Farrmer will bring her back for these sessions. A cavitation machine with radiowaves placed on her butt cheeks will get her a firm and sexy ass free of cellulite and make her more attractive for further use from the farmer. He might even fuck her then.

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