Darina in a new milking position

Darina in a new milking position

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Darina is going through her initiations fast! She has already been moved to the stables after her unexpected casting, and she will be milked by the red cow milker today. Of course, she hasn’t been fully trained yet, so she needs a bit more bondage than some of the others. We have got just the thing for that! A perfect milking bench! We strapped her arms and legs so she couldn’t move, and tied her harness gag to the wall so she has to keep her head up. Her perfect natural udders just hang off the bench in a perfect spot for the heavy cow milker cups to suck onto. Even lying down, getting milked is very exhausting, but poor young Darina is just at the start of her stay at the barn! Stay tuned for more Darina training!

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  1. Best position yet! Need to see Katie like this

  2. A great position for all hucows. Hanging udders, I would think that that would help stimulate in so many ways!

  3. MilkingLover

    All the cows with the largest udders should be milked in this position, especially Maggy and Katie.

  4. a verry good Position, but one belt is missing around the chest under the arms; then she cannot mess around; as well as the feets should be fixed next time to the board.

  5. great position ! Need to see Katie like this

  6. Armbinder and a harness ballgag -the most stimulating paraphernalia for a beautiful girl being put trough her paces. You should have rewarded her with the magic wand!

  7. Would love to see Katarina like this.

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