Bori is back!

Bori is back!

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HuCow Bori kind of escaped us, she only came to the farm once with her friend Juli, but we did not see her after that. When we finally spotted her again, we managed to capture her and lock her to the milking frame in the barn. Last time, she was milked by the goat milker, so it is time for her to experience the red cow milker now! She needed to be cuffed and gagged, because she was protesting too much – and she was definitely not looking forward to getting milked again! It can be a bit painful, and very exhausting, but it needs to be done. The herd can not rest, we need to keep milking these pretty udders as often as possible! Enjoy this great Bori update!

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  1. Nice to see some of the girls back again, id like to see emma or lulu make another appearance soon too!

  2. Bori is a burner… bring her back together with Roxy soon!!!

  3. müllermilch

    times correctly suck their nipples become huge and milk gives

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