Sabrina – breast pumping

Sabrina – breast pumping

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I almost forgot about Sabrina! After her introduction, there was a good promise of her becoming a fine HuCow. She has huge natural udders, and she was quite docile. It is time to see if she can pump some milk out of those breasts already. Probably not, but we need to keep milking her until she can produce. That shouldn’t take too long, there are tiny droplets already. Sabrina has given birth a few times in her life, so she is more ready for this than most HuCows. Let’s hope she will start producing full bottles soon!

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  1. yes…oil those beautiful udders…play tapes of babies crying in the background and let the milk flow!!!!!!!

  2. hmmm seems like the lovely Sabrina needs her turn on the goat milker! high speed!

  3. Pablantade


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